3 Shooting Accessories that Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Must-Have Shooting Accessories this Christmas


Figuring out the best Christmas gifts for shooters can be challenging. Whether it be target shooters or competitive shooters, most already have an extensive hoard of shooting accessories. So where do you start if you are looking for holiday gift ideas for the shooter in your life? These three shooting accessories are not only unique but also provide increased enjoyment and protection for any shooter on and off the range.

The Best Gifts for Shooters

The type of shooter you are buying for can vary from someone who heads to the range for some target practice on the weekends to competitive marksmen. Both ends of the spectrum are hard to shop for.

Generally, the most important factors to consider with gifts for shooters are quality and usefulness. Look for brands known for producing quality products and ones that will stand behind those products. In addition, shooting gear has to be useful on the range. The gift has to add value to the shooting experience in one way or another.

Shooting Accessories that Make Perfect Gifts for Every Shooter

The following shooting accessories are not only useful but are backed by one of the best brands in the shooting industry. Walker’s® has been advancing the technology around shooting protection and safety for decades.

Gone are the days of traditional earmuffs and throwaway single-use earbuds. Walker’s® has revolutionized hearing protection and enhancement. Even casual shooters plinking away small caliber rifles such as a .22 can be susceptible to hearing issues from repeated exposure. That is why shooting gear such as these make the perfect gift for any shooter.

Walker’s® Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds

The original Silencer earbuds launched in 2017 and were quickly one of the most sought after shooting range accessories. They provide unmatched hearing protection with the comfort and portability shooters demand. What makes them one of the top Christmas gifts for shooters is now they are Bluetooth® compatible and rechargeable.

Walker’s® Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds make the perfect gift for three important reasons. First, these earbuds have advanced circuitry and multiple settings for noise filtering and sound clarity. The variable gunshot suppression technology suppresses sound based on the caliber of firearm and where (indoor vs. outdoor) you are shooting. Furthermore, these earbuds also enhance ambient sounds in hunting situations or in other activities outside of the range. Second, the addition of Bluetooth® technology enables you to connect to any device. Connect to your phone so you do not miss a call or text or use them to stream music. Lastly, these earbuds are fully rechargeable via USB with up to 14 hours of battery life.


  • Advanced variable gunshot suppression
  • Performance digital Bluetooth®
  • Auto shut off
  • USB charging dock
  • Four program settings
  • Multiple sizes of fittings and foam tips
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life (4 hours using Bluetooth)
  • Free app to control settings

Walker’s® Rope Hearing Enhancer

The Walker’s® Rope Hearing Enhancer is a great stocking stuffer gift for target shooters. The rope hearing enhancer is sound activated and suppresses automatically up to 29 decibels. This lightweight and portable enhanced hearing protection is ideal for more casual shooters. With up to 15 hours of operation from a rechargeable battery, it is next-level hearing enhancement at an affordable price.


  • Sound activated
  • High and low modes of operation
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Omni directional microphones and HD speakers for clear sound enhancement
  • USB charging cable
  • EVA storage case

Walker’s® Xcel Digital Electronic Muff

If your shooter is more traditional, then the Walker’s® Xcel Digital Electronic Muff is your gift. Ranger shooters have consistently relied on earmuffs for hearing protection, but these are a massive upgrade.

The advanced microphone clearly enhances sounds while the next-generation sound-activated compression and variable dynamic sound suppression make them one of the most sophisticated shooting accessories available. Sound is automatically adjusted based on noise intensity and duration. Easily navigable control buttons allow you to switch between four modes of operation. Also, the auto shut off feature ensures you conserve battery life even if you forget to turn them off. Finally, the Bluetooth® compatibility keeps you connected on the range so you never miss a call or notification while shooting.


  • Voice mode navigation
  • Four listening modes
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Variable dynamic sound suppression
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Auto shut off
  • Powered by two AAA batteries (included)
  • Ergonomically designed for a more comfortable fit

Christmas gifts for shooters can be hard to find. Either they have everything or you do not know exactly what shooting range accessories they really need or would use. Every shooter needs hearing protection. Why not take this gift-giving opportunity to upgrade their hearing protection with one of these innovative and advanced shooting accessories.

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