The Advantage of Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds and Razor Ear Muffs

The Advantage Of Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds And Razor Ear Muffs

Why You Should Use Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds or Razor Ear Muffs

Everyone knows that we should protect our ears (and consequently, our hearing). Just like everyone knows we should eat healthier, walk more, or spend more time outdoors. But we’re all creatures of habit and once we settle into a routine, it can be tough to break it. So if you grew up not using hearing protection for shooting firearms, there’s a good chance you still don’t. Here’s why that’s such a problem, and also why you should be using Walker’s Silencer Bluetooth earbuds or Razor ear muffs.

Danger of Gradual Hearing Loss

Many of us grew up never using hearing protection while doing anything loud, including shooting guns, mowing the lawn, or cutting firewood. As a result, our hearing is already permanently damaged on some level. We don’t always notice it because we live with it every day and have gotten used to the new normal. But then you realize one day that you can’t track a conversation when it’s noisy around you, or you finally become aware of a ringing in your ears (called tinnitus). Unfortunately, it’s too late to help that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start protecting your ears so your hearing doesn’t get worse.

While simple foam ear plugs or ear muffs do help, they are limited in their uses too because they simply block out all sounds. What if you want to protect your hearing while shooting at the range with friends or in a hunting scenario where you need to hear game animals approaching? That’s where Walker’s ear protection products shine. Here’s a quick video explaining how these products work and how well they work.

The Advantage Of Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds And Razor Ear Muffs

Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds

The Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds by Walker’s are a fantastic option for hunters and recreational shooters. The in-ear hearing protection devices completely block your ear canal, much like foam ear plugs, but they come with several more benefits. In addition to suppressing loud noises (e.g., gunshots) based on the sound of the firearm and where you are shooting, they have a microphone that can enhance your hearing of other ambient noises. So you can still hear your friends chatting or a turkey approaching from behind you. The hunting earbuds have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 26 decibels. But where these Silencer Bluetooth earbuds really shine is their Bluetooth capabilities.  

Since they can connect to devices via Bluetooth technology, you can also stream music to them via your phone. Sure, you could listen to music on traditional earbuds while you mow the lawn, but that is just adding more noise at the same time, further damaging your ears. During the music streaming process, the microphones on the Silencer Bluetooth earbuds are turned off, which protects your hearing from whatever external noise there is, while playing the music at a safe level.


Another reason you should consider adding these to your shooting accessories is that these earbuds are rechargeable in the case they come in. They are held in place magnetically and the case can charge the earbuds for about a 14-hour run time. When the case battery runs low, you simply recharge it via a USB cable. You can also control the earbuds via a free app on your phone. For example, you can adjust the volume of each ear independently (or in-tandem), change the listening mode (e.g., universal, clear voice, amplified, or HF boost), or set a shut-off timer

Razor Ear Muffs

As compared to the earbud hearing protection, the Razor Ear Muffs are a total ear-covering option. The Razor electronic ear muff series come in several different design options to suit your style and purpose. Some options come with the same great Bluetooth connectivity as the Silencer Bluetooth earbuds (but in an ear muff form), while others are simpler.  


Either way, the Razor ear muffs have an NRR of 23 decibels, and a very fast reaction time (of 0.002 seconds) to protect your hearing and make sure you don’t miss other ambient sounds. The omnidirectional microphones pick up sounds all around you, yet reduce the muffling noise effects of wind. As an added bonus, the headband and ear cups are very comfortable to wear all day. 

It’s never too late to start protecting your ears from further damage. For a more comfortable and enjoyable time shooting at the range or while hunting, consider adding a pair of our earbuds or some ear muffs to your collection.

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