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Patterning a Shotgun for Turkey Loads

Before you try patterning a shotgun for this turkey season, check out these tips and see how each separate piece affects your shot selection.

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The Advantage of Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds and Razor Ear Muffs

Why You Should Use Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds or Razor Ear Muffs Everyone knows that we should protect our ears (and consequently, our hearing). Just like everyone knows we should eat healthier, walk more, or spend more time outdoors. But we’re all creatures of habit and once we settle into a routine, it can be tough […]

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3 Shooting Accessories that Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Must-Have Shooting Accessories this Christmas   Figuring out the best Christmas gifts for shooters can be challenging. Whether it be target shooters or competitive shooters, most already have an extensive hoard of shooting accessories. So where do you start if you are looking for holiday gift ideas for the shooter in your life? These three […]

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