Micro Canal – In The Ear Hearing Aid

Micro Canal – In The Ear Hearing Aid


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The Micro Canal is slightly larger than the Completely In-The-Canal yet is positioned discretely in the ear canal. With its increased size, it includes a push button program selector and is somewhat easier to place in and remove from the ear canal.

Micro Canal - In The Ear Hearing Aid
  • 4 Programs
  • Powered by #10 battery
  • Dynamic Feedback Canceller
  • Fast Acting Feedback Suppressor
  • Low level Noise Reduction
  • Enhanced Speech in noise
  • Ultra Low Digital Delay
  • Power On Delay (2 sec)
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Data Logging
  • In situ Loudness Balancing
  • Wax Stops

Unique Warranty - Each hearing aid featured on the site come with a 3 year Warranty and 1 year Loss and Damage included in the price

Premium Digital Signal Processing
Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization delivers the highest quality enhancement with improved speech perception.

Advanced Sound Management
Utilizing automatic graphic equalization Walker’s hearing aids deliver clear and pure sound quality.

Listening Modes
Individual programs are based on your specific needs, offering increased personalization and functionality.

Environmental Noise Suppression
Automatically adjusts processing to suppress distracting background environmental noises, resulting in a greatly improved listening experience.

Data Logging
Maintains a detailed performance log, which can be referenced by any Walker’s Hearing Aid Center location for tune-ups and adjustments.

Water Repelling Nano Coating
Revolutionary Nano-technology coats every aspect of the hearing aid at a nanoscopic level without affecting working components, protecting the device while maintaining the look, feel and functionality.

Available only at Cabela's

Walker's Hearing Aid Center Locations
Hamburg, PA: 610-929-7088
Kansas City, KS: 913-328-3144
Glendale, AZ: 623-872-6757
Dundee, MI: 734-529-4749
Ft. Worth, TX: 817-337-2456
Wheeling, WV: 304-238-0120
Lacey, WA: 360-252-3500


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